Connect Groups

Get ready for an exciting opportunity to connect and grow in community! You can be a part of one of our seven Connect Groups to build deeper, lasting relationships with the people you may just wave to every Sunday.

Here are the available groups for this Fall. Just text the bolded keyword below to 980-247-6688.


  • Conquerors: youth group meeting monthly – Text CONQUERORS
  • Circle Makers: women’s study group meeting monthly – Text CIRCLEMAKERS
  • Golden Years: seniors’ social group – Text GOLDEN
  • Conformed to His Image: discipleship class meeting monthly – Text HISIMAGE
  • Gather: women’s social group meeting on Fridays monthly – Text GATHER
  • Iron Sharpens Iron: men’s study & social group meeting Saturdays monthly – Text IRON
  • Life & Love: couples social group meeting monthly – Text LIFE&LOVE